To protect our endpoint from being overwhelmed, we have rate limits in place. For query/mutation, there is a 5000 limit per 5 minute interval.

Every response header will have 3 rate-limit headers:

  • Ratelimit-Limit — The maximum number of api calls in this interval (currently always 5000).

  • Ratelimit-Remaining — The number of api calls you have left in this interval.

  • Ratelimit-Reset — A Unix epoch timestamp of when the current interval ends.

Any request beyond the limit would receive an HTTP response code of 429 Too Many Requests.


  • Client could listen up to 50 endpoints per web socket connection. Attempting to listen to more would return an error.

  • Each endpoint has a buffer size of 30. If client are too slow to read, the particular endpoint would be closed.

  • Each IP could establish up to 100 web socket connections.

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